SBNRR is a practice that develops self-management and helps you deal with situations in which you may feel triggered. SBNRR is about pausing and considering alternative ways to act. It is not about avoiding, denying, or suppressing your emotions. Instead it’s about acknowledging that emotions are present, and choosing a wise response.

When you become aware of being emotionally triggered, follow these steps:


This is the most important step. When you notice yourself becoming triggered, just stop. Decide to not react for just one moment.


Take a deep breath. Focus on the breath and calm your mind and body.


Notice what is happening. What are you feeling in your body? What emotions are you experiencing? What thoughts are happening? Are these experiences static or are they changing?


Consider why the trigger may be occurring for you. Where is the emotion coming from? Is there a history behind it? Is there a self-perceived inadequacy involved? Without judging it to be right or wrong, bring this perspective into the situation.


Bring to mind ways in which you might respond to this situation that would have a positive outcome. You do not actually have to do it – just imagine the kindest, most positive response. What would that look like?

Try this either as an “in the moment” integrated practice, or follow the model as a way of reflecting on a past situation, using a challenging situation that you recently experienced.

Practice courtesy of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

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