This practice is focused specifically on creating a moment of higher-resolution self-awareness. This can be useful before presentations or important conversations when you need to quickly discern what kind of mental and emotional state you’re in and how to best proceed. 


Take three breaths, at your own pace. Each breath is a reminder to ‘scan’ one area of the body.

  • On the first breath, check in with your head, what thoughts are present?
  • On the second breath, the body, representing emotions, intuitions, or “gut feelings.” What emotions are present?
  • On the third breath, the heart, representing values or intentions. What’s important right now? What do I hope to create in this next moment? 


  • Relaxing tension in the body mid-day
  • When you’re feeling frustrated in a meeting, to clarify-“what’s going on for me right now?” and find a path forward
  • To fall asleep.

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