Are your people stressing you out?

Do you feel frustrated because no matter how you try to get through to them, it feels like your team just doesn’t ‘get it’? Or, are people focusing on the wrong things or resisting change? Does it sometimes feel like you don’t quite speak the same language? 

You stepped into your senior leadership or management role because you wanted to make an impact. You believe in the mission of your organization and want to achieve your targets, inspire change, and lead your people to achieve their personal best. You want to become the best version of a leader that you can be. 

Free Active Listening Monthly Practice Session

Active Listening Practice
Team Communication

What Past Attendees Have Said

Your Facilitator

Sue Ross
Sue Ross, CEC, ACC

As a certified Executive and Emotional Intelligence Coach, I’ve found that improving your communications skills will improve all areas of your leadership and management. Developing your communication skills helps you to resolve conflict, understand your people, and more effectively lead your team to achieve your organization’s business objectives. 

That’s why I created the monthly Active Listening Practice as a gift to leaders, managers, and business owners who want to develop their teams and create a positive impact in their communities and organizations.

What to Expect

On the last Thursday of every month, we meet for 1-hour between 1-2pm PST via Zoom for:

  • A quick learning snippet on active listening or emotional intelligence
  • Hands-on, active listening practice with a participant in a private Zoom room (different practice each month)
  • A mindful leadership take-home micro practice (new each month)

What You’ll Gain

By attending this monthly practice, you’ll be taking steps to achieve the human-focused professional results you desire by developing your active listening skills (and, ultimately, emotional intelligence).

This Session is Perfect for You if…

  • You’re a new or experienced leader or manager 
  • You want to further develop your leadership skills

Register for The Next Active Listening Practice Session

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining me and other dedicated leaders in refining our active listening skills. I invite you to join us at the next practice and bring a friend or colleague with you!


I first want to acknowledge the bravery and strength it takes to show up vulnerably and learn new skills in a group setting. The hands-on practice portion is conducted 1:1 with an assigned participant from the group. I take care not to pair co-workers or acquaintances together wherever possible. When that is not possible, there are a range of conversation prompts that allow for you to select topics that don’t go too deep. The purpose of the practice is to hone your listening skills, not to dive deep into a personal topic.

No catch. I wanted to find a way to give back to my community. This act of truly learning to help others feel seen, heard and understood was born out of my own experiences of both feeling frustrated and disengaged when I didn’t feel that way AND my realization that I, too, have a tendency to let my mind get in the way of giving someone my full attention.

I invite you to come try one out for yourself and see how honing your active listening skills will result in positive net benefits in your life. RSVP for the next session here